Who we are and how we show up in the world is determined by the self work we invest in, daily. Hi, there David and Denise here – we are educators and parents of a little boy named Azai and a dog named Donnie! We believe deeply in investing in the social and emotional intelligence of ALL children (especially black and brown ones).

Our main goal is simple, we want every child to be self aware, socially aware, develop healthy relationship skills, make responsible decisions, and self manage their emotions through every item in our box.

We have consulted with educators and leaders in the field, to bring you fun developmentally appropriate activities and toys designed to increase self esteem, emotional intelligence, behavior and academics. Schools across the nation have leaned into the Social Emotional Learning model in the classroom to foster a trusting environment where students can thrive. Why not do this “home” work?

What is social emotional learning and why is it important?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a behavioral framework that encompasses several skills affecting academic and life success. The term “social and emotional learning” emerged from a meeting in 1994 hosted by the Fetzer Institute. Meeting attendees included researchers, educators, and child advocates involved in various education-based efforts to promote positive development in children. We want families to embrace SEL through play, conversation, and daily habits right at home. We trust that by doing so families will experience brighter days and children will have brighter futures. Our BE boxes can help!

Our inspiration is our own son. Each stage of development is so special. So unique. He and all children deserve the space to just BE… without limits. That’s it. That’s the point.

There are 5 key components of the framework that we are guided by in the curation of our boxes:

Self Awareness

recognizing one’s emotions, values, strengths and challenges

Relationship Skills

forming positive relationships, working together, dealing with conflict

Self Management

managing emotions and behavior to achieve goals

Social Awareness

showing and understanding empathy for others

Responsible Decision Making

making healthy choices about personal and social behaviors